Thursday, 8 December 2011

Is your site breaking for 1 in 7 visitors?

Smart phones are accelerating in popularity, we all know this, but did you know that mobile traffic now accounts for 15% of all UK internet traffic? (ref:

The BBC has since reported a figure from the National Office of Statistics that up to 45% of all UK internet traffic comes via a mobile device. (ref:

If your website is not mobile compatible, for a minimum of 1 in 7 people your site will:
  • appear incorrectly
  • malfunction in critical areas
  • operate in a frustrating fashion for any reader
  • often break entirely
Let's say you're a small to medium sized business, achieving 900-1000 hits a month on your website, that means for a minimum of 130 people a month your site appears broken!

If you were looking to find out some more information on a business, and their website did not work, would you stay or would you just look for a competitor?

It is well known that the internet is the new place for your shop front, the first point of access for any customers or clients wishing to interact with your business. If that shop front is broken, or does not work, what do you think that says about your business?

To gain an idea as to your mobile compatibility, try putting your site URL into the validation check offered by the globally acknowledged internet standards body W3C. Although this validator does not take into account a number of possible anomalies, it can certainly be a bit of an eye opener.

Adding a 'mobile version' of your site is often a fairly painless task, not requiring a huge investment of money, much of the time it is simply a case of restyling the information your website already contains.

Doing so would ensure you attract and retain the extra 1 in 7 of your website visitors be they clients or candidates, and would give any visitor confidence that you are a cutting edge and technologically-savvy organisation.

There are other benefits too, for instance did you know that Google has a separate index of websites for mobile search? the rapidly emerging mobile search engine market is wide open with huge marketing potential for any business sharp enough to exploit it.

If you require any further information on mobile web technologies, or are interested in how this may be applied to your business, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation on

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