Thursday, 15 December 2011

The worst possible addition to any recruitment site

What could this possibly be?

The one design addition that makes my hairs stand on end in a rage and fury of how uncreative and unimaginative it is that anyone working in the online industry, a sector generally requiring some element of artistic integrity, would include THIS on their design.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about the inevitable 'shaking hands' picture.

The image used when a designer can't think of anything remotely intelligent to apply to recruitment - so they add that.

You can almost see inside the designers head, amongst the flys and hay bails kicking around in there you've got a thought along the lines of 'uuurrrmmmm business.... with people... who meet... and agree on things if they're good...I'VE GOT THE PERFECT PICTURE!'.

Something so horrendously obvious in it's metaphorical meaning ('ooo the shirt cuffs make it look business-like!'), like a written confession by the designer stating they have seen this on other equally terrible business sites, and have neither the talent or sufficient time left prior to the project deadline to find a better alternative.

If your designer includes a shaking hands picture in your design, fire them immediately for being so terribly unimaginative.

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