Tuesday, 3 January 2012

QR Codes and Recruitment

You must have seen them by now, but not everyone knows what they are...

They're called QR codes for those who are unaware, and there are a number of ways they can assist your business - particularly relating to recruitment.

What is it?

'QR' stands for Quick Response code, to be read using a smart phone or enabled mobile device - many of which now include the relevant software at purchase, whereas some older devices may require program or app installation to begin.

How does it work?

Once you have the correct software installed, all you do is take a quick picture of the QR code and the program will take the relevant action - usually open a mobile web browser with a specific page open.

QR codes offer a means to quickly direct a viewer to a purpose-built landing page within your website.

Why is this useful?

Just a few examples of ways this can be useful:

  • Print Adverts - allow the newspaper reader an instant link to the relevant job description that they are reading about in the paper.
  • Business Cards - point the relevant party to your contact details online, your biography or business background.
  • Flyer or Company Brochure Design - a direct link from a static print document to an interactive online experience will encourage the viewer to interact with your business.
Of course the best thing about this highly efficient manner to direct targeted traffic to relevant pages of your website - they are free to generate!

How to generate your own QR Code

  • Visit Google's URL shortening service 'http://goo.gl'
  • enter your URL
  • shorten it
  • copy the shortened URL to your address bar and  add '.qr' to the end
  • hey presto there's your QR code!

Imagine the effect if your website is mobile optimised? The mobile-savvy viewer will enjoy an enriched experience throughout.

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