Thursday, 8 November 2012

Website for a Christmas Treat!

Everyone knows that a website is the greatest tool for promoting a portfolio, business idea, interest or hobby. The problem is that they are either expensive when dealing with a big agency, or they are impersonal and devoid of character from a templated system or 'budget option', so you never really end up with what you want.

For me the thrill of web design is creating a dynamic, visual representation of someone's idea, and watching the response come flooding in.

Take 'Raising the Cakes' for instance. A local cake maker, who puts together truly awesome cakes in her spare time, didn't have a large budget at all but wanted a bit of a presence online to point potential customers to.

I thought rather than have a boring profile page, why not create a one page website that actually resembled a cake box, include a few images, concise text info, and a contact form, and launch it online.

The result is they are now on page one of Google for North Somerset Cakes owing to the SEO employed, and are receiving enquiries by the box-load!

See for yourself -

Expensive? not at all - prices start from £150, and no VAT required.

This could include:

  • Photography portfolios
  • Personalised blogs
  • Small business ventures
  • Band/musician websites...

Drop me an email if you're interested and would like anymore information!